Systems Requirements Analysis
A & M works closely with our clients to best determine their need with regard to a data processing system. It is important that our clients have the proper hardware and software to satisfy their requirements. System requirements are always defined based on current needs, and where ever possible anticipating future growth.

Software Acquisition and Installation
We provide an extensive line of software from which to build effective business systems. See the products that we sell on the Business Solutions page.

Custom Programming
Although the software that we sell is extremely comprehensive, from time to time our clients want to incorporate features that are unique to the way they want to run their businesses. A & M’s technical staff can modify many of the products to suit the client’s requirements.

A & M’s in-house staff provides training for all of the products that we sell and support. Training is done at the client’s site.

Software Support Services
During the day to day operations of a computer system there is the possibility of problems that arise from hardware malfunctions, software problems, operator errors, etc. our technical staff is available to assist our clients when the need arises.